Follow Mushi on Facebook Support Mushi on Patreon LATEST NEWS DUMB! 1 & 2 FINALLY RELEASED! It has been a quite tough winter, but Dumb! is finally ready to be played by everybody! We are glad to present it to you on our brand new website today. Feel free to take some time to browse it to know a little bit more about us. This Kickstarter campaign really was a good experience to us, so this is why we’re thinking about using it again for our future projects, especially the one which is being worked out right now. Stay tuned on social networks to be the first to know about it soon. April 25th, 2016 WELCOME TO MUSHI’S WEBSITE Follow Mushi on Twitter Support Mushi on PayPal Watch Mushi on DeviantArt THE DUMB! SERIES BECOME FREE!  Our first visual novel becomes free this week! After having asked their opinion to our backers on Kickstarter, we have decided to make the Dumb! Trilogy free, to prepare its release on Steam. We would like the game to be more visible and since our Patreon page  seems to meet more and more success, making it free was the best thing we could do. If you were hesitating before, you have now no reason to! August 10th, 2016