MUSHI Mushi is created and led by Yoru. By his side is Minii, a super assistant! YORU His passion for video games started before his earliest memories, playing to his first video games on Super Nintendo, then on PlayStation when he was 3. Two years passed by and a significant event changed his life: a documentary about Japan & otakus. This documentary presented the passion of the video game as a malfeasance and showed that cliché of the pervert fan reading hentai and playing far too obscene games. This is the moment when - despite the very pessimistic documentary - Yoru decided to take his passion seriously, aged 5 by that time. His biggest dream was then to be part of that “so badly-seen-by-the-society” community at that time. During many years video games and consoles came one after another, he was always searching for new discoveries. Years passed by... when he realised that, finally, he ended up by being part of this community. He didn’t know what to do next, so he decided to share all his wisdom and passion through video games, wishing to make children dream as he dreamt when he was a child. MINII Minii’s life had no sense before she met Yoru. She fell deeply in love with him and decided to help him in several tasks, such as communication, a little programing and design, and brings above all a great moral support. She also had to write this about her so that she could live. We also thank all the people who work side by side with us: HAARMADES for his art in: “Dumb!” & “Dumb! 2” , The Twelve SIMON DUBOURNET for his assistance in the translation for: “Dumb!” & “Dumb! 2” MAX CHEVAUGEON for his assistance in the translation for: “Dumb!” & “Dumb! 2”  DAARKESS who programmed: “Dumb!” & “Dumb! 2”  CAMY who designed Mushi’s logo and “The Twelve”’s logo And for the help provided by:   PEAX WEBDESIGN, who created the font used for: “Dumb!” & “Dumb! 2” PERONA, a friend who helped for some details on: “Dumb!” & “Dumb! 2” ALBAN LEPSY, for its royalty-free soundtracks.   WELCOME TO MUSHI’S WEBSITE